Relationship that can shape your life

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No matter how different and unique we are, our relationships often evolve according to broadly similar scenarios.

This article which discusses the six most common types of relationship we encounter in our lives. Find out which one is yours, and you might learn where you’ve gone wrong, and how to find what you need.

1. The «mutual growth» relationship
This is when two people are so involved in each other that they start helping each other grow — emotionally and mentally. Emotional growth is a huge part of our lives; we can’t move forward without having emotional maturity, and this type of relationship actually helps boost this a lot. This kind of partner helps to strengthen their other half and motivate them to achieve what they thought was beyond their limits. If your in this kind of relationship, you’re a very lucky person, and you should take extra care to make sure it lasts as long as possible.

2. The «comfortable silence» relationship
This is when two people are so emotionally attached and comfortable with each other that they can sit in silence with one another without a worry in the world. Achieving this type of relationship is a very difficult task, as it takes a lot of time and effort to achieve. Imagine you’re sitting with your partner at dinner — just sitting, not talking at all. How do you feel about it? If it feels natural, then the chances are you have one of the most emotionally stable relationships in the world.

3. The «convenience» relationship
These relationships are neither bad nor good. People usually need them to achieve one specific goal they’ve set for themselves, such as for career purposes or their social life. In the worst case, only one of the two partners knows that they don’t really plan on remaining part of the other’s life forever, but they are staying as long as it takes for a certain objective to be obtained or achieved. These relationships come to an end as soon as each partner (or only one) gets what they desire.

4. The «experimentation» relationship
This type of relationship is fundamentally selfish in nature. It happens when one person decides to make it their goal to see someone else become something. For example, someone wants you to be a different person, a little too different than you ever wanted to be. So they hook up with you to see if they could achieve this. They want to see if their experiment would be a success and whether they would change you into the idealised person they imagined you could be. Almost 98% of the time, these relationships fail in a pretty horrible and destructive way.

5. The «dragged» relationship
This is one of the worst kinds of relationship. These relationships are the ones which should have ended ages ago but are still being dragged on. This happens usually after a very bad breakup and making up with each other after a few months. The pain and sorrow of the breakup is too much to handle, yet each side still tries breathing new life into their dying love. They know they’re not good for each other anymore, they know they have more fights than they love, they know that they are becoming more miserable by the day but they still keep holding on. The holding on in part usually for social reasons, and that’s what makes it that much more excruciating. Eventually, everything ends, but this takes a long time and only after many useless attempts to fix the relationship. If you are stuck in such situation, the best option is to break up sharply.

6. The «competition» relationship
This kind of relationship won’t ever lead to anything good. When two people are in love, they do their best to help each other grow. In a competition relationship, both partners are competitive in nature, and they even tend to compete against one another. For example, a man and his wife might try their best to beat each other in their career achievements, to the extent that they start to perceive each other not even as rivals but as actual enemies. If you’re in one of these relationships, do yourselves a favor and free yourself right now!

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