Personality & the Power of SUCCESS

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Do you believe SHORTCUT?
Yes or No!

However, try to be developed by own. Believing in every situation of life can make you developed. Try to be a man before thinking about nationality and independence. Independence is no other than the development of personality.
One said – “We can’t convey simplicity without remembering the development of the man mind’s with the word of independence.”

Philosopher John Stuart Mill said – “Make your strong personality so none can conspire against you.”

If you make your lose and torture on you by making illiteracy so who will make you big? Your work is your friend, not others. Practice your own power that is hidden in you. S/he is the greatest little who tries to make you down for the reason you are born in non-higher family. You are the man with a mind, this is enough to think big. There is no proverb that the higher or king groups of the country would only contribute to the nation.

Education is not for gentle people because education make people gentle, believe in it. You would be respected to the lower-classes for your education, knowledge, and industry. Secure you knowledge and industry to be an industrialist.

You are a businessman, tailor, or living in a small corner of the human world, if you are a man with good characteristics then you can eradicate the poverty of mind. Read and try to follow the advice of famous people, at least discuss with the scientific knowledge so you will see your respect and income along with other things are increasing gradually. Believe in gradual development, don’t be hurry.

You might not go to school or college; never mind because character, personality, knowledge and power are the things people would look in to you.  Keep your eyes open to watch and observe all the incidents around you to be perish free man and spark of fire. Do not insult your life compromising with money and peace.

Educational institution shows the way to see and learn, there are lot of man with beautiful mind (scientist, philosopher, professional, politician, etc.) living in a poor family kept contribution to the development of the earth. Work-less people is worthless on this earth as they never be able to keep contribution like others. Be bold (not be ashamed) for the work you do.

Raise the power is hidden in you, do not make your life small or poor in deeds. Once you are big then you are really big to the universe. Your personality would let you think big, your knowledge would introduce you with the power. Deal it for the success of life, enjoy!…. Get it.

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