About Me


I am a marketer by profession and a photographer by passion.

I have been working with Marketing Agency since 2006. I held senior positions (Director) at other agencies. My aggressive, bottom-line approach consistently produced quick yet long-term results in every position I held. I am a tenacious and flexible professional that leads by example, has excellent communication skills, and is decisive and results-oriented. Now I have established my own marketing agency calls RUBBERBAND Marketing Access, ZEBRALINE Integrated Marketing Communications, Fonography, Fonomart. I am used to working for strategic planning and decision making. I worked for multinational IT giants, prior to joining an agency I worked in a Management Consultancy/ Market Research firm for, where I worked for few leading FMCG & Telecommunications. Also I am experienced in working on concept making & brand building as well as strategy management.

My Recent Projects:

RB    FG   ZL-1    FM